All food items must be grown, harvested, transported and stored in accordance food and safety laws and regulations. When exported out of one country and imported into another, food suppliers must comply with customs regulations.

At FSX, we provide training in compliance as well as cloud solutions to manage compliance process efficiently especially across borders. We provide automated compliance-as-a-service using cloud systems to make compliance of food laws and regulations seamless.

We provide AI-driven robotic process automation to help urban farmers improve compliance workflows including having proper reports on the state of compliance. FSX works with partner law firms to provide legal advice on compliance issues in Singapore and internationally. We focus on cross border transactions and practice areas to advise, among others, on:

  • Regulation and market authorization of specific chemical and natural food ingredients and additives (including genetically modified, and ingredients/additives subject to food standards or prescribed limits)
  • Associated good manufacturing practices (GMP) issues as well as food/crop safety issues
  • Legal and regulatory aspects of food advertising and marketing, competition and trade, commercial agreements, data privacy, employment issues and market entry.
  • Global transfer pricing and tax planning strategies in the agritech sector
  • Product liability and the management of disputes.

Note: The fees payable to law firms are separate from any fees due to FSX. Under Singapore laws, neither FSX nor its authorized representatives or agents or employees are allowed to take any commission from legal fees paid by the clients of law firms to law firms.

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